Staffordshire Asbestos Removal

Staffordshire Asbestos Removal



Staffordshire Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal is a very dangerous task, and should only be performed by Asbestos expert contractors.

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Asbestos removal is an important process in UK structures. For building purposes asbestos once was popular in the Staffordshire area. However with related health risks the Government imposed a ban on its use in 2006.

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Asbestos can be located in any part of a building in that was built or refurbished before 2000. Common locations were asbestos can be found include:

Asbestos Roof tiles
• Garage and sheds roofs
• Insulation boards
• Ceiling tiles
• Floor tiles
• Bath panels
• Central heating flues



Abestos Removal Staffordshire


Asbestos is present in insulation pipes, walls, ceilings etc of the building and home structures. If they are disturbed then the asbestos particles, then they get airborne and can be easily inhaled by the lungs while breeding thereby posing a serious threat of dangerous respiratory disorders in the future.

The materials which contain asbestos are divided into two kinds which are friable and non-friable. The friable materials can be reduced into powder form by applying just hand pressure and therefore they can release fibers in the atmosphere more easily and are therefore more hazardous to people. The non-friable materials quite compact and do not easily release asbestos fibers in the air. So, it is needless to say that the cost of asbestos removal will be higher in case of friable materials that the non-friable materials.


Staffordshire Asbestos Removal 

Staffordshire asbestos removal


Staffordshire Asbestos Removal


There are a good number of illnesses and diseases attributed to exposure to materials-and a lot of people who suffer from these afflictions worked in asbestos mines or factories, or lived in areas where the asbestos industry once thrived. People who were exposed to asbestos for extended periods of time suffered from several types of cancer, asbestos poisoning, and mesothelioma. The diseases associated with asbestos exposure will not manifest right after the first encounter with the material-they often have a long latency period that will last for several years, even decades. But once they are diagnosed, death is almost a certain fact, because these diseases target the pulmonary functions of the body.

This is why the removal of asbestos materials is very important, especially if you live in a house or building built before the 1960’s, and most especially if you are raising small children. The latency period of asbestos-related diseases can last up to thirty years-and if your children are constantly exposed to asbestos materials, they will suffer from the effects in the prime of their lives.

Generally, there are four classes of asbestos removal. The first class (Class I) is the most dangerous of asbestos abatements. Class I removal includes the disposal of thermal system insulation and asbestos materials, usually by using a special spray or a trowel. The second kind, called Class II, removes all asbestos materials that are not used for thermal system insulation. Materials that qualify for Class II removal include wallboards, roof tiles and sheets, floor tiles and sheets, and mastics used in construction.

The third kind of asbestos removal, or Class III, usually refers to the maintenance or repair of thermal system insulation and surfacing with Asbestos materials. This class, however, is usually carried out when the asbestos in the materials may be disturbed-therefore causing asbestos exposure within the immediate area.

Class IV asbestos removal is maintenance and repair of asbestos materials without actually disrupting them. This class also includes the clean up of asbestos debris that resulted from Class I to III removal jobs.

Under no circumstance should you perform any of these asbestos removal types. Always contact a licensed professional to carry out asbestos removal jobs for you.




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